Grand Premier Abychat Equinox

Imperial Grand Premier Abychat Equinox (Poppy), the first of our beautiful Abyssinians from the Abychat household (thanks Rebecca!) Poppy is a gorgeous sorrel Abyssinian, she loves attention, she has a fantastic temperament and loves going to shows. She has won best of breed on numerous occasions. At her first ever show she had a “red card day” and was voted kitten the judges would most like to take home too! She has enjoyed many 1sts since that day, nothing phases our lovely Poppy, she takes everything in her stride.


Poppy and baby Cwen

Above, Poppy & Cwen on their first full day together, it was a heavenly sight to behold how quickly Poppy accepted Cwen into the family. Below, 3 days after Grayling arrived we have the same scenario, just pure love from Poppy again as she welcomes another youngster into the fold.

Grayling and Poppy