Cat Shows

We are pretty new on the show scene although I used to show Siamese in the 1980s & early 90s but had not been involved since. Poppy’s show debut was at the Humberside and Lincoln Cat Clubs joint show in 2011 and, what a day! Our little Poppy aged 6 months was awarded 1st and Best of Breed in both of her open classes and had been nominated Best of Variety (BoV) Foreign section kitten at the Lincoln, which she went on to win. Poppy’s debut as an adult cat was the Yorkshire Cat Club Show in 2011. At 9 months and 2 days Mrs Shirley Bullock commented that she is “such a lovely baby cat.” Poppy was awarded a challenge certificate, 1st and Best of Breed in her open class. Since then she has taken all her achievements in her stride. Premier certificates gained at the Notts & Derby Cat Club show, the Teesside Cat Club show and the Lakeland Cat Club show in 2012 made her an official GCCF Premier.Poppy was awarded her first ‘grand’ at the Yorkshire Cat Club show in 2013, her second came at the Preston and Blackpool and then at the Lakeland and District she qualified and was made GCCF Grand Premier Abychat Equinox.  She was also nominated and was awarded Best in Show (BiS) Foreign Neuter. The next stage of her career began at the Preston and Blackpool in 2015 where she won a Reserve Imperial was nominated and won BiS Foreign. Entering her into the back to back Durham and Northern Counties show was a last minute decision but what a good one. Poppy won both Imperial certificates and was nominated best Foreign at both shows – and was awarded overall BiS for the Northern Counties. Next came another back to back show, Bedford & District and the Cambridge shows. She had a mixed day, but came home with Imperial number three, which she was awarded by the Cambridge Cat Club. Imperial number Four was awarded by the Abyssinian Cat Club and what an accolade!  The fifth and final Imperial certificate was awarded at the Manchester & District show 2015- we are so proud of our beautiful ‘ginger’ girl is titled Imperial Grand Premier Abychat Equinox.

photo: by kind permission of Carole Walker

Cwen’s show debut was the Lincoln Cat Club show; 2012, and she did very well, 1st and Best of Breed in the open class. She is unbeaten so far and was awarded challenge certificates at the ACA, Northern Counties and Durham shows in 2013 but as one of her judges was a duplicate she had to wait until her next outing, the Lakeland Cat Club show to be awarded her championship. After a break to have kittens Cwen returned to the show-bench in October 2014 and she has won three Grand certificates (The Cumberland Cat Club, The Supreme and RACCS) and a Reserve Grand at the Yorkshire Cat Club show. This means she is also an official feline aristocrat; GCCF Grand Champion Naughtypaw Boudicca.
Cwens big day

photo: by kind permission of Carole Walker

Stop Press! At the Humberside and Lincoln, 26th July 2014 Cwen’s handsome son, AbyDreames AEdward aka Teddy, was awarded first and Best of Breed by both judges at both shows and was nominated Best of Variety too. The Lincoln show granted Teddy Best in Show foreign kitten – we are uber proud of our lovely little boy.  He has won Premier certificates at the Abyssinian Cat Association, the Midland Counties and the Supreme Cat Show 2015 and has been officially recognised as Premier AbyDreames Aedward. In 2015 Cwen gave birth to her second family by her favorite ‘purple boy’ Champion Abychat Moonshadow – and what a family! We are so very proud of Mulitple BiS winner and RACCS cat of the year, 2015 & 2017 Olympic Bronze & Imperial Grand Champion AbyDreames Specsappeal and her handsome fawn brother Grand Premier AbyDreames Moonlightshadow (owned by Melissa Kruger). On 17th April 2016 Cwen gave birth to four fabulous usual boys – Grand Champion AbyDreames Gett Off went to live with Shirley Evans (Koperkat Abyssinians) and is siring superb kittens. His three litter brothers, Imperial Grand Premier AbyDreames Controversy, Grand Premier AbyDreames Mewsicology and Grand Premier AbyDreames Graffiti Bridge have excelled on the show bench too. We have been informed that they are the first full litter to be shown, and achieve titles. We are so very proud of them all, and thank their owners Shirley, Claire Styles and Anne Vanns for loving them and showing them.
In September 2013 our new little baby joined us, her big girl name is Abychat Grayling (Grayling)
photo: Grayling aged 14 weeks

Grayling’s 1st show

Grayling was awarded 1st, Best of Breed and also first in her side classes. Grayling enjoyed an adventure to Scotland and the RACCS show. It was a very long day but she had a good day and all her judges commented on her fabulous temperament. The Notts and Derby show on 18th January 2014 was a fabulous day for Grayling. She won 1st and BoB and 1st in all her side classes. She was then selected best of variety (BoV) foreign kitten. Preston & Blackpool, 22nd march 2014 she was awarded her first Challenge Certificate at her first adult show, the second CC came at the Abyssinian Cat Association show and at the Durham and Northern Counties show on 31st May, 2014 Grayling won another  CC but the star of the day was her big sister Fleur who became the latest Abychat Grand Champion. The Lakeland and District, 2014 was another successful day and Grayling qualified to become GCCF Champion Abychat Grayling. Summer 2014 has been very exciting, We entered Grayling into the grand classes at the Humberside and Lincoln shows, and she won both Reserve Grands and BoBs too. The Teesside Cat Club show was our next outing with Grayling, she won BoB and received a lovely glass trophy to commemorate the win. At Manchester and District, Grayling enjoyed a fabulous day being awarded 1st, Grand Challenge certificate, BoB and awarded BoV foreign adult.  Grayling’s daughters, Allegra (Grand Champion AbyDreames Rapture), owned by Margaret Mather and Polly (Champion AbyDreames Mistress Polgara), owned by Maggie Horner are also enjoying their share of success. Many thanks ladies for showing the girls so well.

Trudy as a baby

UK & Olympic Silver and Imperial Grand Champion AbyDreames Specsappeal. Trudy certainly hit the show scene with a bang. At her very first kitten show, the Abyssinian Cat Club show she wowed all the judges and she won 1st, BoB and 1st in all her classes (a red-card day) then she was awarded Best in Show Abyssinian kitten and to top off her day Trudy was chosen as overall Best in Show. She has certainly provided us with a lot of ‘proud breeder’ experiences – as a kitten she was GCCF kitten of the year 2015/16 and RACCS cat of the year, having gained enough points to be awarded best kitten, best adolescent and best adult too. Once she reached adulthood she quickly gained championship, grand championship  a couple of reserve Imperial certificates before she took some maternity leave. She collected the first of six Imperial certificates when she returned to the show bench in January 2017 and was then awarded Best of the Best at the Preston and Blackpool show in March 2017. All I can say is what a year! By the end of 2017 Trudy had become the very first blue Abyssinian to reach the exalted status of Olympian. To top it off she was RAACS cat of the year 2017.

Trudy with her RAACS trophy and rosettes